Guidance on ‘How to join’

 Most people who are reading these notes will have been directed to the Club by friends, neighbours and acquaintances. If you are in this position, you can ask to be taken to your first Club meeting as a visitor and if you decide to join you can complete an application form and send it in.

 If you do not have a personal contact, then contact the Hon. Membership Secretary, David Turner (0151 336 5578 - or send a message via this website 'Contact Us') and arrange to come as a visitor to the next Club General Meeting. These meetings are held on the first Thursday of the month. You will be able to learn about the Club, meet some of its members and also meet and talk to leaders of any of the special interest activities which may interest you.

Alternatively, look at some of the details on our website and arrange to come along to one of the special interest groups. 

 If the Club is what you are looking for, then either ask for a membership application form, or submit an application via the on-line version. In each case you can state the Hon. Membership Secretary or Hon. Secretary as your contact.

 If your membership application is accepted, then you will be asked for your annual Club subscription which is just £10.00 per year. (There is also a contribution towards expenses - normally £2.00 - paid at each indoor meeting)