Walk Grades

The system we use to grade the level of difficulty of our walks is shown below. Participants are advised to contact the walk leader or the group secretary in advance if they need more information.

Walk Grading by points score: 
1 point per mile; 1 point per 500ft ascent; 
0 - 5+ for terrain/conditions 
A 15 - 20 points 
B 10 - 15 points 
C 5 - 10 points 
S = A shorter and much slower option to the main walk, not necessarily a summit 


'S' Grade Walks
An 'S' grade walk, if offered, will generally take place in the same location as the 'A' grade walk on the same day. It will be taken at a much slower pace and with more frequent stops. However, it may be on part of the route taken by the 'A' walk and as such may encounter the usual hazards such as very uneven surfaces, streams to cross, and so on. 'C' grade walks are generally on easier terrain. Participants may also wish to wear or take extra layers in order to keep warm at the slower pace. If you are unsure about the nature of the walk, then please contact the walk leader.